Energy savings for the “Mpodosakeio” and “Mamatsio” Hospitals

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At a workshop held on 12/10/17 at “Mpodosakeio” Hospital in Ptolemaida, AS Automation System Hellas delivered the project of automating the engine room of solar vacuum collectors for the “Mpodosakeio” and “Mamatsio” Hospitals. AS Hellas engineer Stavros Karakostas, presented to the Technical Service of Hospitals the capabilities and functions of the new system.

These Hospitals have implemented a plan of interventions that will lead to significant energy savings, a substantial reduction in the hospital’s energy costs and a reduction in the emission of gaseous pollutants at the local level. From September 2016 until April 2017, on the roofs of the Kozani Hospital ” Mamatsio ” and at the roof of the Ptolemaida Hospital ” Mpodosakeio ”, the installation of solar collector systems was completed and put into full operation.

AS Automation System Hellas edited and completed the automation system of the engine rooms. The solution was based on Siemens’s Desigo system. An automation station and the necessary equipment for the collection of physical signals and interconnection protocols (Modbus, M-Bus, BACnet MS / TP) was installed in each engine room. The automation station performs complex equipment control algorithms, data logs, and Web services. The entire installation is managed through the Desigo CC platform. Operators are updated in real-time about system status, manage and evaluate energy data and configure system parameters.

At the entrance of each hospital is installed a projection screen that depicts the energy data and aims at informing the public about the benefit of the new installation. Updating the data is done in real time. The above functions are offered through Siemens’s Green Building Monitor application. With the advanced engineering of AS Hellas, this application also feeds the official website of hospitals with the necessary energy data.

The completion of the projects leads to avoidance of CO2 emissions of 316 tons/year and a reduction of consumed energy produced from lignite combustion and of oil equivalent to the energy consumed cumulatively by 85 Greek households per year.


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