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Maintenance is a key driver of plant Productivity

According to Deloitte, poor maintenance strategies reduce a plant’s productive capacity by up to 20%. Reactive maintenance is usually the norm that leads to these numbers.
At AS HELLAS, we understand the importance of keeping your equipment working seamlessly and minimizing downtime, and we provide a comprehensive range of support and maintenance services so you can produce efficiently through the lifecycle of your equipment.

Support & Maintenance contracts

Take advantage of our customized “Support & Maintenance contracts” that are based on the specific needs of your equipment. Your contract will include:
  • A detailed inspection of the equipment to assess the current condition.
  • The performance of preventive maintenance according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Priority & guaranteed reaction time in case of malfunction, both on-site and remotely.
  • Proposal of critical spare parts list for minimizing downtime.
  • Software License updates.
  • Support hours at substantial savings.

Digital solutions

Our digital solutions will enable you to connect the dots and acquire a 360o view of your process. You will not only be able to streamline your operations, but you will also be able to optimize resource allocation and reduce operation costs. You can read more about our offerings on our Digitalization page.

Spare Parts

Deciding on a part replacement or a new pump or valve is not always easy. We can provide the engineering edge and research, and make sure that you will receive the right part or equipment, timely and competitively priced.
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