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Optimize your cheese-making process

The cheese market

The global cheese market has enjoyed sizeable growth during recent years and prospects are looking very promising for the years to come. Among the cheeses of the world, Feta, otherwise known as the "white gold" of Greece, is one of the most popular foods both in Greece and abroad, as it has a special taste and a nutritional profile that suits modern consumer habits.

Modern Cheese producers need flexibility, efficiency, and smart resource usage to shine in this very competitive market.

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40 years of cheese making craftmanship

Optimize your cheese-making process

AS HELLAS has sizeable experience and know-how in Cheese processing. Since 1996, we have been modernizing cheese plants to become safe, efficient, productive, and profitable.
Apart from our mechanical equipment that we provide (Reception and storage tanks, Pasteurizers, CIP, valve clusters etc.), our specific automation solutions for the entire cheese making process enable traceability and minimize human errors. Our customers can modify recipes on the fly, run their equipment efficiently, and plan their production schedule with ease.
Reduce delivery time and investment cost

Special prefabricated units for Dairy & Cheese Plants

AS Automation System Hellas apart from the customized solutions of each plant, provides ready tested automatic prefabricated units with short delivery times and easy installation.
The units are supplied with flexible automation software and detailed operator manuals so that even inexperienced operators can put them in operation easily and fast.

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