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Dell PartnerDirect Registered

In line with our commitment to working with reliable suppliers and having integrated Dell products in the majority of our projects, we participate in the upgraded Dell PartnerDirect program. The program aims to ensure high quality and continuous development, through training programs, skills development and support.

Solution Partner Building Technologies

Partners that operate with the Siemens Solution Partner label in Building Automation have to continuously prove their expertise, performance, and knowledge in all aspects of the business. The partner logo affirms this status and is the assurance of the quality it represents. Our partnership with Siemens is enabling us to implement technologically advanced and innovative solutions for enhancing the value and the performance of the buildings.

Siemens Solution Partners

Integrating Siemens automation technologies for more than 15 years now, we have been certified partners since 2009. The Siemens Solution Partners program includes training, know-how transfer, technical support and regular evaluations to confirm the defined technical expert and build up trust. Combining our expertise and the Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) strategy, we provide customized solutions and services fully adjustable to your plant’s needs and specifications.

Bardiani Partnership

Bardiani Valvole and AS Automation System Hellas have established a strong partnership during the past 19 years, that ensures the full and responsible support and service of every type of Bardiani valve, even after sale. The great extend of Bardiani valves intergration in many of our projects in the food industry has proved to be the tool to gain trust and mutual respect for each others high technology level. The combination of high quality, equipment reliability and quick response time of Bardiani valves has given to our engineers an outstanding advantage at the project erection as well as at the after sales phase.

KNX Partners

Being KNX partners since 2010, we promote the development of building installation for both commercial and residential buildings’ control. We integrate building technologies to provide solutions and services tailored to Building Management Systems (BMS) and special applications.

Alfa Laval Authorized Integrators

Having successfully installed a great variety of Alfa Laval products during the last 17 years in several food, dairy and beverage industries, we recently agreed on joining the Alfa Laval channel partnership program. Due to this partnership, our engineers get full product training and full access to technical assistance and support directly from the Alfa Laval specialists.


The provision of high-quality products and services, together with good practices for the safety and health of our employees and our environmental footprint, are key factors in our success. For this reason, we have developed and maintain an Integrated Management System which is fully harmonized and certified according to the international standards ISO 9001, OHSAS 45001 and ISO 14001.

To ensure our ability to provide products and services at acceptable levels, even after an unexpected adverse event (pandemic, earthquake, flood, etc.), we developed a business continuity system that was certified according to the international standard ISO 22301: 2019.

You can see the Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety Policy of AS Automation System Hellas here, and the Business Continuity Policy here

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