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Flexibility, expandability and minimum maintenance cost

AS Automation System Hellas cooperating as a subcontractor with world-class contractors of power plant installation.

Our systems

AS Automation System Hellas, as a subcontractor collaborating with world-class power plant installation contractors, has successfully executed over 30 projects. These projects encompass generator fuel feeding, operational monitoring, load control, and remote-control systems.

Our objective is to ensure harmonious and uninterrupted supervision and control of the plants, ultimately minimizing downtime and optimizing functionality.

Our Latest Energy Projects

Especially for energy production plants we undertake and provide the following:
  • Automation development
  • Plant automation commissioning and start-up
  • Management reporting software
  • Documentation & Training
  • Service Level Agreement

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to discuss your needs, your pain points and your goals, and let us suggest feasible and affordable solutions for your project.
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