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Prepare your factory for the digital age

Our approach focuses on the total efficiency of the production process and the optimal use of all resources.

Our solutions

shorten your processing time

cut your operating costs

reduce your energy, chemicals and water consumption

secure quality consistency

Since 1996, AS HELLAS designs, constructs, installs, and maintains complete plants and processing lines for Liquid Food industries.  As a customer you will benefit from an independent assessment of the best practices for your goals and needs. You are guaranteed the most appropriate choice of equipment since we are not commercially connected to any equipment manufacturer.

Our approach is holistic and not just about providing equipment or service individually. It focuses on the total efficiency of the production process, as well as on the optimal use of all resources for greater productivity of the facility.

Our solutions anticipate and are ready for future expansions. On top of it all, AS HELLAS software for production operation significantly reduces the operating costs of the installation, thus making the total cost of ownership particularly attractive.

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to discuss your needs, your pain points and your goals, and let us suggest feasible and affordable solutions for your project.
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