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Reduce delivery time and Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)
AS Hellas, apart from the customized solutions for each plant, provides automatic prefabricated units with short delivery time and easy installation. The units are supplied with flexible automation software and detailed operator manuals so that even inexperienced operators can put them to work in a fast and intuitive way.
All these user-friendly units are supplied with standard equipment from the most innovative and respected equipment manufacturers, but if you prefer other configuration, you can select form the approved list of suppliers and from multiple automation options to suit your needs.

Ready prefabricated
Cleaning Units C.I.P.


Central Unit for Automatic Cleaning in Place

The complete solution for plants of all sizes. It has integrated tanks with chemical solutions for complete recovery and significant savings in chemicals and water usage. It is ready to operate in fully automatic mode. All the operational parameters are available for adjustment by the operator. It is suitable for cleaning pipes, tanks, filling and other equipment. (CENTRASIP Brochure)


Local Unit for Automatic Cleaning In Place

The compact solution for plants of all sizes. It is a decentralized cleaning unit and can be installed close to the production equipment. Its compact dimensions and its proximity from the cleaning targets, make it ideal tool especially for difficult cleanings. It is supplied ready for automatic operation, while all the functional parameters are available for adjustment by the operator. It can be installed either individually or in conjunction with other CIPLAS units centrally. It can be combined with additional installation of chemical solution tanks for chemicals recovery and lower operating cost. It is suitable for cleaning pipes, tanks, filling and other equipment. (CIPLAS Brochure)

Ready prefabricated
pasteurization equipment units


Automatic Milk Pasteurization Unit

The automatic milk pasteurization solution for all size plants. It has integrated all the equipment and connections for external equipment (separator, homogenizer, deodorizer, standardization unit for fat content, large holder etc.) and it is ready for operation. All the functional parameters can be adjusted by the operator. It is supplied with different automation levels while it can easily be integrated in any plant. (GALAXIAS Brochure)


N. America standards compliance

The very efficient GALAXIAS pasteurizer has been installed successfully both in U.SA. and Canada, after fully meeting the North America standards (PMO). Apart from its efficient automatic operation, it is capable of data sharing through corporate networks, and has an easy integration with other existing SCADA installations.


Automatic Brine Pasteurization Unit

ALMAS is the brine pasteurizer for the production of white cheese. In many occasions, brine has to be thermally treated (pasteurization) to reduce the microbial load. The corrosiveness of hot saline solutions and precipitation of mineral salts are factors limiting the lifetime of equipment

For that reason, ALMAS is made with special alloys of materials to withstand the high acidity environment.

AS Milk Standardizer Unit

Accurate in-line cream flow regulation and fat content management

The AS Milk Standardizer is designed for continuous milk-fat standardization and it is ready to be integrated into any milk pasteurization unit in combination with a milk separator.

The raw milk is split by the separator into skim milk and cream. According to the recipe, a final product is formed by the mixture of the skim milk and a percentage of the cream that is separated and dosed back to the milk. Surplus cream is collected or send for further processing. This standardization method not only provides a high-quality final product and saves substantial time, but also generates significant financial savings, compared to a manual method that does not have the same accuracy.

Other equipment


Automatic Compact Heating Unit

The ideal solution for automatic, in-line or recirculation milk heating. THERMAS is suitable for all dairies as it achieves stable and gradual milk heating to the desired level. The operator can set the target temperature.

Suitable unit for the production of “set” yogurt with special equipment design for protection from "milk burning".


Automatic dosing unit for juice and other liquid foods

A compact, portable and flexible dosing unit for mixing juices, tea, smoothies and other liquid products.

JUICAS transfers with accuracy the single components for the preparation of the finished drink, using a flow meter and a PLC dosing control unit.

With a flow rate up to 9.000 l/h (depending on the product), it is easy to clean and maintain and has a long lifecycle.

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