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AS AUTOMATION SYSTEM HELLAS is one of the leading companies in Plant Engineering, Industrial & Building Automation.

Aiming at the continuous operation of the company and thus serving all interested parties, Company’s Management through the Business Continuity Management System has:

  • Recognized stakeholders and their expectations,

  • Recognized the risks associated with Company’s uninterrupted operation,

  • Determined the current level of security and emergency preparedness,

  • Determined the actions, timeframes and responsibilities required to manage any incident and recovery of Company’s operating departments.

Company’s Management is committed to fully comply with laws and regulations, to provide the resources needed to improve the level of business continuity and to support the implementation of relevant programs towards the achievement of Company’s targets.

Our goals are:

  • The safety of our staff,

  • Minimizing the impact of business continuity incidents,

  • Ongoing preparedness to respond to incidents and complete recovery as soon as possible,

  • Establishing a culture to ensure business continuity at all corporate levels and all parties involved.

The hereinabove goals shall be achieved through the continual training and awareness of our employees and associates, reassessment of threats and their impact on the Company's business continuity, implementation of appropriate programs (organizational and technical measures), and continuous monitoring of critical performance indicators.

Company’s Management is committed to regularly review this Policy and the implemented BCMS as well as its ongoing efforts for improvement.

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