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The longest Balkan tunnel is ready to welcome the drivers at Tempi Valley. A milestone for the construction sector in Greece, indicative of the sector’s potential. Together with two more tunnels, it will provide safe driving conditions for many years to come.

At the control room of the three tunnels, the Motorway Management System (MMS) has a full picture of the traffic conditions at all times and oversees the safe operation of the motorway. The incidents are immediately acknowledged and the response is quick and efficient.

AS Automation System Hellas, building upon its experience, undertook and completed the automation of this very demanding and important infrastructure project on behalf of SIEMENS.

Some of the most important technical aspects of this project are summarized below:

  • 3 pairs of redundant PLCs (S7-400H), 1 pair per tunnel.
  • 120 Remote I/O stations (RIO).
  • A total of over 10.000 physical control points, and over 8.000 network measurements and information.
  • Enhanced ventilation at the T2 tunnel to compensate for the length of the tunnel.
  • Automatic reconfiguration of Medium Voltage loop in case of M/V network faults or black out.
  • More than 500 traffic management scenarios (TMS) for scheduled and emergency incidents.
  • First time use in tunnel project of Siemens WinCC OA for the visualization of the SCADA/TMS.

System operators can see in real time the operation of all control points and alarms, while they are able to remotely control most of the equipment.

With a significant know-how in Traffic Management and using state of the art equipment, AS Hellas is proud to give the heartbeat to this milestone project.

Have a safe trip!

Project manager: Mr. T. Sifniadis,



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