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All in one: Fresh milk – Yogurt – Cheese

The ever growing need for the dairy industry to cut down on costs and supply the market with products of greater value, has put process companies in the logic of investigating new techniques of multi usage of equipment.

This need, having been recorded by AS, has trigged the development of “GalaxiAS 3Act”, a pasteurization unit that can be used for the production of fresh milk, yogurt and cheese.

It has been a difficult task for automation but mostly for the study and selection of hardware equipment. How can someone combine equipment and assemble it in one unit that is able to rise the pasteurization temperature to the levels of 72/90/72°C and outlet temperatures of 4/45/35°C for fresh milk, yogurt and cheese respectively?



It is obvious that each product requires a different approach in terms of thermal program characteristics. Flow, temperature, pressure and holding time interact under different conditions in each recipe but deliver the required outcome: Pasteurized milk ready for the production of three totally different products!

The 3Act unit has been firstly developed for customers in the US but has also strong appeal to the European market.

Contact now an AS engineer and get information about the Triple Action pasteurization unit. Invest once on a multi-tool than multi-invest on three different units!


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